About The Cult of Curiosities

The Cult of Curiosities is the weird sister market to Friendship Flea. Same ownership, similar concept, different vibe.

"The goal of The Cult of Curiosities is to create an almost uncomfortably weird and humorous experience with a freak show vibe. If you're not thinking WHAT THE FUCK, we're doing something wrong.

The name 'The Cult of Curiosities' pays homage to the 'cabinets of curiosities' (or 'wunderkammers' aka 'wonder rooms') that originated in Europe during the Renaissance and featured obscure, eclectic, wondrous, esoteric collections of antiques, artifacts, science, nature and art. These collections of extraordinary objects told stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world.

I want the theme to expand from that concept of natural wonders to include all things weird, unusual, bizarre, fascinating, wondrous, creepy, obscure and macabre. I hope to provide a safe space for the other unconventional weirdos out there."

The Cult of Curiosities and Friendship Flea are both owned and curated by

S-J Smith, an Alabama transplant who made Columbus, Ohio home in 2019.